Medical editing

I have edited almost 200 published medical research papers, most published in peer-reviewed journals.  I can and do edit papers for grammar and style, but as a content editor I do much more. I suggest how to improve your scientific narrative, check the logic and flow of your evidence and arguments, and ensure that the quality of your writing matches and supports the quality of your research. 

My suggestions are offered as tracked changes and, where helpful, I add detailed comments, ask questions, and provide links to useful writing resources. I can also critique your figures and tables and suggest graphic design changes to increase their impact. 

Editing time will depend upon the quality of your English and the state of your manuscript. I will need to see a draft or a previous manuscript before I can provide a reliable cost estimate.


Per hour rate

$133 / 120 CHF
In and outside of Switzerland

University of Bern

$110 / 100 CHF
For affiliates of my home institution

Large projects

Normal per-hour rate for the first 10 hours, and $110 / 100 CHF thereafter

When English is not your native language...

English is the default language for scientific publication and most other academic publication, placing even high-level non-native speakers at a disadvantage. After editing several hundred manuscripts, a score of books, and many dissertations by non-native speakers of English, I understand how to help writers meet this challenge.

My editing and teaching practices are designed to support non-native speakers and to make your work more attractive to your target journal or publisher. I will help you sharpen your message and arguments so they are clear to editors, reviewers, and your audience. I edit manuscripts in English by native speakers of any language, though I am most practiced in editing the work of native speakers of Germanic languages, Romance languages, Slavic languages, Japanese, and Turkish.  

I am a native speaker of U.S. English and am also proficient in U.K. English, so you may choose the form that best matches the requirements of your publisher. Since I have long experience designing and teaching courses in rhetoric and composition in U.S. universities, my experience can also benefit native English speakers who want to improve their writing.

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