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…master’s students, medical and health sciences graduate students who are about to start or have just started their dissertations, and others at the beginning of their research careers, including those who do have not yet selected a research project.


3-6 hours

The course is shorter when delivered as a lecture, and longer if I include exercises students can work on individually and in small groups.


My standard rate for teaching is 1530 CHF/Euro per day, or 1000 CHF/Euro per half-day.   A full day of teaching includes 6 hours of teaching in the classroom, excluding breaks (e.g., coffee, lunch). For work outside Switzerland, clients also pay travel expenses.

This course can be mixed and matched with any other introductory course or elective to create a full-day or multi-day program.

Medical writing for beginners introduces participants to the basic components of a scientific paper—the Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion sections. I explain the purpose and content of each section, discuss how and why scientific authors use citations, and what constitutes plagiarism. I introduce students to medical and health research checklists ( and show them how to choose and use the right to guide their research design and reporting. In the longer version of the workshop, I share example articles and coach students through the process of identifying the main message of a paper, comparing abstracts with paper contents, and using checklists to assess the quality of research papers.  Students who complete the course will be better equipped to design, execute, and write up their own research projects.

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