Rates for editing and grant writing

Like many specialized content editors, I charge by the hour. My standard rate is: 

120 CHF/Euro per hour  

For large jobs that exceed 10 hours, I drop my rate to 100 CHF/Euro per hour for each hour that exceeds the first 10-hour block.  Editing speed varies widely and depends on the quality and coherence of your manuscript. 

Editing speed for manuscripts by non-native speakers of English usually ranges between 500-1500 words per hour, with most falling between 800-1200. If you send me a sample of your work, I can give you a good estimate. Please feel free to contact me with queries.

Teaching fees

My standard rate for teaching is:1530 CHF/Euro per day, or 1000 CHF/Euro per half-day  

If you want me to design a customized course or course series for your institution, my rate is 330 CHF/Euro per hour of classroom teaching.

A full day of teaching includes 6 hours of teaching in the classroom, excluding breaks (e.g., coffee, lunch). For work outside Switzerland, clients also pay travel expenses.