Designed for...

…master’s students, medical and health sciences graduate students, and researchers who have completed data collection and most of their analysis and are ready to write and submit their manuscripts.


3-6 hours

The course is shorter when delivered as a lecture, and longer if I build in exercises so students can work on their own Introductions.


My standard rate for teaching is 1530 CHF/Euro per day, or 1000 CHF/Euro per half-day. A full day of teaching includes 6 hours of teaching in the classroom, excluding breaks (e.g., coffee, lunch). For work outside Switzerland, clients also pay travel expenses.

This course can be taught alone or as part of a series of core courses in a full-day or multi-day program.

In my modular system of writing, I suggest scientific authors write their Introductions last, after all the other sections are complete. This avoids one of the main problems I see in Introductions when I am editing: they are too long and often unfocused because they were formulated before the author had decided on the main message of the paper.  Course participants will learn how to determine the length and structure of their Introductions, how to ensure the Introduction includes only information germane to the message of the paper, and how to choose and deploy references.  In the longer version of the course, each students will write a complete draft of their Introduction and revise it at least once.