How can I help you?

Medical editing

I have been a medical content editor for over a decade, working mainly with manuscripts by non-native English speakers. Over 90% of the manuscripts I’ve edited have been published in peer-reviewed journals. You can find the last 100 papers I edited here.  

Grant writing

I have edited and advised on successful grant applications submitted to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Bank, the Gebert Ruef Foundation, the Swiss National Science Foundation, the EU Horizon 2020, UNITAID, and others. If you think you need help on a grant application, please contact me.

Scientific writing courses

I teach a series of course modules I developed especially for non-native speakers who must write and publish scientific articles in English. These modules can be taken alone, or mixed and matched to suit the needs of your institute or program. You can find a full list of courses and descriptions here.

Legal editing

I enjoy editing academic books and articles in international human rights and animal rights law, especially those written in English by native speakers of German and Romance languages. Please contact me with inquiries.

Other academic editing

When time allows, I am happy to take on book-length projects and articles in the humanities and social sciences.