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Writing the Methods & Results sections of a scientific paper

Online Course (Zoom) , Switzerland

This course offers a set of evidence-based rules for writing clear and consistent Methods and Results sections, creating structure and relieving anxiety about the scientific writing process. You will learn skills and become acquainted with tools that enable you to start writing your Methods section early in your research process, and to incrementally build Results sections that match your methods. You will benefit most from this course if you a medical researcher or clinician who must write articles, reports, or grant applications, whether your are currently working on or planning a research project.

Writing the Discussion section of a scientific paper

Online Course (Zoom) , Switzerland

Many researchers and clinicians find writing the Discussion the most complicated and challenging part of writing a scientific paper. This course offers you clear, evidence-based rules for writing your Discussion, so you are always sure what belongs in this section… and what does not. You will learn the function of each paragraph in a Discussion section. The course is designed for medical researchers or clinicians who must write articles, reports, or who wish to submit grant applications.

Writing the Introduction to a scientific paper

Online Course (Zoom) Bern, Switzerland

This course guides you through the process of writing an introduction for a scientific paper, paragraph by paragraph. You’ll learn what goes […]

Introduction to Grant Writing

Online Course (Zoom) , Switzerland

What do funders want to see in your grant application? This course will help you figure that out and tell your scientific […]

Qualitative data reporting for beginners

Online Course (Zoom) , Switzerland

This course covers guidelines and best practices for reporting qualitative research in scientific papers, with a focus on medicine and health science […]

Designing Better Tables, Figures, and Posters

Online Course (Zoom) , Switzerland

Researchers present visual data to make concepts and information easier for their audiences to grasp, but few researchers are taught basic principles […]

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