You already have a great project. I will help you
craft a compelling story.

Helping good projects obtain the funding they deserve is deeply satisfying. For over a decade, I have aided medical and health researchers in writing their grant applications, primarily to the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and EU agencies, and to foundations ranging from Gates to smaller local organizations.

If you need an editor for your near-complete grant application, I am happy to assist you. But I prefer working with individuals and teams from the early draft stages, collaboratively crafting your application for maximum effect. If you think I can help with your application, please get in touch.

I will help you...

I will help you organize your team of collaborators, efficiently collect necessary materials, track contributions, and solicit useful feedback from contributors.

Grant writing is a form of storytelling. I will help you craft a compelling narrative for your reviewers, so that they clearly understand the reach and significance of your research… even if they are not experts in your field.

Reviewers read many applications. I will help yours stand out from the crowd by conveying your complex ideas in clear language with the necessary minimum of technical terminology. Plain language is absolutely necessary when some reviewers will not be expert in your field.

Applications often fail because committees are not convinced that applicants have the necessary skills or experience to ensure a project’s success. I can ensure that your team’s qualifications are clear to reviewers, so they be confident your project will succeed.

Experts tend to give either too much or too little detail, frustrating reviewers.  I can ensure your description of your methods is clear and comprehensive, but not cluttered with extraneous details that will lead reviewers off track.

Many applicants do not build in a margin of error when they draft their timelines and milestones, and often underestimate their costs. I can help you avoid these pitfalls.

Reviewers of career grants focus both on the scientific merit of a project and the boost that the project will give your career. Many such grants require personal statements that scientists often find difficult to write. I can help you showcase your strengths and convey your career goals.

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