Note:  During the Covid-19 pandemic, I am teaching all courses online, via Zoom or other online course delivery service.  When the pandemic is over, I will return to classroom teaching.

I teach a series of course modules on aspects of scientific writing and publishing. The modules are designed around the idea that scientific writing should be a structured practice, approached logically, step-by-step. I constantly remind my students: “Nobody writes a scientific paper; a scientific paper is what you end up with after you complete a list of specific tasks.”  This structured method takes the pain and guesswork out of writing for publication. Writing will accompany your scientific work instead of distracting from it, so that you will write and “do science” at the same time. When scientists adhere to the method, by the time they are ready to “write a paper,” the paper is already close to finished.

My course modules can be mixed and matched to suit your needs. They can be taught individually, as 2- or 3-hour workshops, or they can be combined into more comprehensive courses (8-20 hours) that will take Master’s thesis or PhD dissertation students through the whole writing process. They can be tailored to meet the needs of senior scientists who wish to be more productive, and they can be offered as professional development or continuing education courses. 

Within Switzerland, I generally teach these courses through an arrangement with the Medical Library of the University of Bern, especially if they will be taught every year.  Outside of Switzerland, I teach courses on a freelance basis.  My rates are listed here, including rates for customized courses or course series.