Designed for...

…master’s students, medical and health sciences graduate students who are or will be working on theses and dissertations and for all scientific researchers who want to increase their productivity and improve their chances of being published in their target journal.


3-6 hours

The course is shorter when delivered as a lecture, and longer if I include exercises. Additional exercises include drafting and revising paragraphs, and critiquing them in small groups. I then comment on revisions and make suggestions to improve the paragraph.


My standard rate for teaching is 1530 CHF/Euro per day, or 1000 CHF/Euro per half-day. A full day of teaching includes 6 hours of teaching in the classroom, excluding breaks (e.g., coffee, lunch). For work outside Switzerland, clients also pay travel expenses.

This core course can also be mixed and matched with any introductory course or elective to create a full-day or multi-day program.

English native speakers instinctively understand the function of the paragraph, but the rules of paragraphing are more obscure to non-native speakers. Even expert non-native English speakers are rarely taught to properly use paragraphs to organize and structure ideas and arguments. This course introduces students to the function and structure of English paragraphs, beginning with simple paragraph structure (topic sentences, detail sentences, and, transition sentences), then demonstrates the proper way to choose and structure each of the two basic types of paragraph (one-topic and transition). I explain the English grammatical rules writers can use to move readers through complex paragraphs full of new information (e.g., transitional paragraphs in the Introduction and Discussion sections). Proper paragraphing lays the foundation for clear and persuasive journal articles and monographs in English, so learning these skills will dramatically increase the quality of your scientific writing.

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